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Photo of Mari Shvelidze

Mari Shvelidze

Catering Sales Manager

p: 253-722-1494  |  e:

Mariami, or Mari as she likes to be called, joined our Catering Team us in July 2017.

Born in the Republic of Georgia– a former Soviet republic—and moved to The US during her high school years. She is fluent in English, Russian, Georgian and familiar with German.

At Maggiano’s Little Italy, Mari worked as Banquet Sales Assistant, Manager/Event Planner, and Delivery Sales Coordinator.

Mari’s experience taught her the creativity she needed to put together large catering events in various locations. She is excellent at pulling together all the details from rentals, custom linens, complicated timelines, creative menus and custom bar packages. Mari does her best to work within budgets to offer a delicious menu and beautiful ambiance. She is unflappable in the face of challenging situations, keeping a clear head and solving problems seamlessly.

Mari is responsible for Weddings, Social & Corporate Events in our spaces, and any off-site space that the client would like to hold their event.