Meet our talented team at Pacific Grill Events & Catering!

Autumn Gressett
Catering Director

What do you get with a decade of direct hospitality experience?  And, how about nearly a lifetime of exposure to wedding coordination, event planning and execution? You get Autumn Gressett…let’s get acquainted! Autumn Gressett is Director of Catering and Weddings for Pacific Grill Events & Catering, Tacoma, Washington. She follows in the footsteps of her parents: mom, a successful wedding and event planner, and dad, a customer relations professional.  From a very young age, Autumn had a front row seat to the creating, planning, and execution of weddings, events, and the customer service aspect surrounding them.  READ MORE

Gordon Naccarato
Chef / Owner
Gordon has a 30+ year career as an Executive Chef and restaurant owner. During his restaurant career he has worked with some of the most talented chefs across the country, in restaurants in Los Angeles, Aspen, Miami, and New York City. For many years his restaurant, GORDON’S, in Aspen, Colorado, was considered the “Best Place to eat Between the Coasts.” (NY TIMES)
Gordon has cooked for sitting Supreme Court Justices of the United States, and was honored to cook for Robert Kennedy’s widow Ethel Kennedy. He cooked many vegetarian meals on request for Michael Jackson, and cooked for Neil Diamond’s annual Labor Day Party, at the singer’s beach house in Malibu Colony 5 years in a row. He has also cooked for titans in the business and publishing world such as Billionaire Rupert Murdoch, and Donald and Ivana Trump. READ MORE